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Meet our team

Registered Physiotherapist, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Certified in McKenzie Spinal Manipulation

Anbuselvi (Anbu) is a registered physiotherapist with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.  She is a compassionate and enthusiastic physiotherapist who brings around 20 years of experience and skills towards the treatment. She ensures that every patient’s treatment plan is highly individualized and consists of manual therapy, functional retraining, and exercise to improve the overall health and function.

Her advanced pelvic floor training has enabled her to specialize in treating pelvic health conditions such as incontinence, pelvic pain conditions, and pelvic floor dysfunction, in both women and men. She brings a unique perspective and skill set to her pelvic patients given her additional expertise in orthopaedics, making her a distinctive pelvic health practitioner. Additionally, she has certifications from McKenzie institute as well GLAD PROGRAM for Osteoarthritis. She has expertise in treating varsity athletes, post-operative patients, geriatric population, work-place injuries, and Motor Vehicle accident clients. 

Outside of work, Anbu enjoys reading books, writing poems and watching episodes of her favourite Series FRIENDS.


DC., BSc.Kin.
Registered Chiropractor

Dr. Renee Powell received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, and bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Science (Honours) at York University. As an advocate of health, Dr. Powell is dedicated in helping her patients live the most functional life possible. She has a strong passion and love for helping people and believes in incorporating up to date, evidence based knowledge, to provide safe and effective treatment options that are customized to each individual. Dr. Powell uses a variety of techniques in her treatment, which includes, chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations, soft tissue techniques, active rehabilitation Acupuncture and cupping techniques.


Outside of work, Dr. Powell enjoys weightlifting in the gym, and travelling. 


Registered Chiropodist

Annie is a chiropodist and foot specialist registered with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario in good standing. She completed her podiatric training from The Michener Institute at UHN, where she graduated with distinction. Some of her interests are diabetes care, overuse injuries and skin disorders. She enjoys working with people from all walks of life and finding solutions for their foot and ankle issues.

Outside of work, Annie loves animals, enjoys watching National geographic and is thinking of fostering pets soon.


Registered Massage Therapist

Abigail has around 20 years of experience in Massage therapy. She inculcates her physiotherapy background and indulges in a holistic approach to treating clients. She specializes in deep tissue massage, Pregnancy massage, trigger point, myofascial release, Swedish massage, shiatsu massage, and functional neurology. She has won many awards in recent years such as the patients' choice awards in 2017 and 2015.  


"There are some things in Life where it’s better to give than receive and massage is one of them”- Abigail. Her treatment techniques are research based and are appreciated very well by her clients. She has helped a lot of clients from children to the senior population and even in stress relief, depression, and chronic pain syndromes. 


Abigail is passionate about exploring different cultures & their food and loves to travel.


Registered Massage Therapist

Nachi has completed his graduation from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy and is an active member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). He has extensive knowledge in treating several soft tissue injuries related to sport, work, and repetitive strain, as well as motor vehicle accidents. He also utilizes his massage therapy techniques to help with relaxation in those suffering from anxiety or stress disorders. He has ample experience working with special populations like pediatrics, geriatrics, pregnant women, and those with neurological conditions.


Nachi has sound knowledge of anatomy from his physiotherapy experience abroad and his current osteopathic training. He specializes in a variety of techniques, such as deep tissue massage, trigger point and myofascial release, Swedish massage, shiatsu massage, and joint mobilization. He strives to educate his clients in self-care by providing home exercises and postural correction measures for the client’s rehabilitation and overall well-being.


Outside of work, Nachi enjoys long-distance bikeing, exploring nature, and painting.

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