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 Our Services

Our licensed Physiotherapist are experts in patient care and physiotherapeutic treatments, providing services that specialize in:

  • Pelvic Floor treatment

  • Women's health

  • Exercise programs

  • Sports massage

  • Taping

  • Chronic pain treatment

  • Posture

Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor Treatment

Experiencing back pain? Aches? Soreness? Whether due to a sports, work or motor vehicle accident injuries, Aristo will be right there beside you in your journey to recovery. Dedicated to patient care, health, and recovery, Aristo now offers physiotherapy treatment!  


At Aristo Clinic, we also offer specialized pelvic floor treatment! Call to book an initial assessment for more information on how we can care for your specific needs!


Physiotherapy helps to improve:


  • sports injuries

  • work injuries 

  • motor vehicle accidents

  • back pain

  • muscle pain

  • joint pain 

  • restrictions of movements

  • posture 

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